Sleep Soundly Again With SnorEraser The Only 100% Effective & Proven Solution To Snoring Noise Disturbance

Can Anything Really Cancel Out Snoring Noise? Yes!

Anyone who suffers sleep disturbance because of a partner’s snoring knows the frustration and disruption it can cause.

There are plenty of products on the market that can try to stop the snorer from snoring. Very often, that just isn’t possible. But what about the person who is getting their sleep interrupted by the noise? Is there anything you can do?

Until recently, there was no truly effective solution that would allow you to sleep peacefully next to someone who snores.

You probably tried noise-cancelling earbuds or earplugs, or noise-cancelling headphones, which may be promoted as “anti-snoring” solutions, but noise-cancelling technology is only really effective against constant, repeated noise. Noise-cancellers cannot cut out snoring, which is extremely unpredictable. (In fact, the start-stop nature of the sound is the biggest factor in interrupting your sleep.)

There are also noise-reduction products available, but trying to block your ears (e.g. with earplugs or ear muffs) only cuts out a fraction of snoring noise, because a significant amount of the noise is conducted to the inner ear through the bones in your head, and blocking the ear canal can actually amplify the perceived sound. (Find out more on our “How SnorEraser Works” page.)

It is also not realistic to block out the snoring using white noise or music. You would have to play these sounds at uncomfortably high volume levels, which is hardly the way to get a good night’s sleep!

The Only Proven Anti-Snoring Solution for Sleeping Soundly

SnorEraser is the only 100% guaranteed solution to zero snoring noise disturbance.

It was created by Brian McKenna, a retired firefighter from Pennsylvania, who himself used to be troubled by interrupted sleep, after many years of research and trials.

As the video above explains, Brian’s key insight was that it isn’t the volume of the snoring noise that keeps you awake, but the interruptive pattern. In other words, it’s as much the gaps between the snores as it is the snores themselves!

He realized that, while it is not possible to block the sound of snoring, if he could find a way to smooth over the gaps in the sound, it may be possible to trick the brain into not picking up the invasive sound pattern.

Anti snoring solution for sleeping

The only effective anti-snoring solution for sleeping

It still took multiple prototypes, but Brian eventually developed a complex combination of sounds that effectively masked the sound of his wife’s snores.

Just by playing a simple audio file through earbuds allowed Brian to sleep right next to his wife, completely oblivious to her snoring! That would become the original SnorEraser product.

Further testing revealed that, somehow, Brian’s original solution was not effective at masking certain more aggressive patterns. Being able to test on sleeping firefighter colleagues (with permission!), Brian perfected another version, which he called SnorEraser Extreme.

A further version was developed for dealing with milder snoring, and also proved really useful for blocking out other background sounds, helping with studying, even prayer or meditation. This became SnorEraser Multipurpose.

Brian now offers the complete range of SnorEraser products, together with variations that include binaural beats (proven to help many people slip easily into a restful state) to clients all around the world.