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ANTHONY V. on 1/23/2014
I have been using snoreraser for about a week now and I am happy to report that I am convinced that my problem is now solved. Around two years have passed since I started looking for ways to block my fiancee's snoring. I had no idea that it would take me this long to find something that works well. You have my recommendation on a great product!

John L. on 12/24/2013
This product has so far been a huge blessing for me and my girlfriend. What a wonderful idea which works! Thank you!!!!

Paul B. on 1/2/2012
I must say that I was skeptical, I really thought Snoreraser was just another white noise product like the ones I’ve tried before. I have been very pleased with how well it works though. I only wish that I would have tried snoreraser first, it would saved me a lot of headaches literally.

Maria C. on 4/10/2011
Hello from Italy, I am finding many use for your snoreraser and it make me sleep much better now too. I want you know that I think you help many people like me for snoring. Thank you so much.

Review by Maryann D. on 6/16/2012
Dear Customer Care,
I wanted to get back to you to let you know what a life saver your SnorEraser has been for me. My husband and I are sharing the same bed again after six years of sleeping in separate rooms. All because I found your website. THANK YOU! 

Shirley H. on 5/12/2009
Hi, Thankyou for all your help. I used Snoreraser Extreme last night with success. I am still interested in becoming an affiliate if you could let me have some details.

Ron Pollack M.D. Ventura, Ca. on 8/30/2010
Hi again, Just writing to let you know that I tried the snoreraser last night and it worked even better than I expected it would. Thank you again.... 
I am going to recommend your product to my patients.

Instantly turn these and thousands of other brands into highly effective anti snore noise protection!

Can A Download End Your Insomnia?

ABSOLUTELY!  In fact, if you want to remain in the same room with your partner and not be able to hear their annoying snoring at all... IT IS THE ONLY WAY!  
SnorEraser Pro was invented because all previously existing blocking, cancelling and masking methods can only safely provide up to about a 50% reduction in the volume of snoring you hear. SnorEraser Pro is the only product in existence that effectively overcomes the problems of BONE CONDUCTION HEARING and THE OCCLUSION EFFECT, which are two very  important, but poorly understood limiting factors, when it comes to blocking snoring noise effectively.


Use Your own Music Player!

SnorEraser Pro works on your favorite devices like smartphones, pads, MP3 players, CD Players... Virtually anything that will play an MP3 music file!

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    Buy it once... Use it forever
    Once you purchase your SnorEraser Pro, you will have an effective, versatile solution that you can use on all of your current AND future electronics, even if you later change brands. Apps must be purchased and installed for each individual device you use. But not SnorEraser Pro! A universally compatible MP3 music file!
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    Customize playback to suite your needs
    SnorEraser Pro programs run for a full hour... Plus they can easily be repeated (looped) for continuous, all night protection. Use the sleep timer function on your player to stop the playback either by timer or at a specific time of your choice.
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    Zero In On Your Partner’s Snoring Sounds
    By simply making minor adjustments to your bass and treble settings, you will be able to adapt to your partner’s specific snoring noise characteristics. This is something that simply is not possible with white noise and other masking sounds.

Hundreds of Other Uses!

Imagine how great it will be to know that you can have total relaxing solitude at the touch of a button.

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    Time to relax? Avoid lots of other “non-sleep” distractions too
    Whether you want to study, work, create or even meditate without the distraction of intermittent noises like talking, televisions, dogs barking and more. All you have to do is press play on your favorite device and you will be enjoying instant solitude.
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    Soft as a feather
    You won’t believe that such a soothing sound can actually be extracted from real snoring noise! However, that is exactly what it is. Nothing more and nothing less. Most of our customers say that they cannot sleep without it, once they have experienced all of the benefits of sleeping better with the best snoring noise blocking solution on earth!
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    Great for travel, vacation, cruises, hotels, visiting friends, family and more!
    If you are one of the lucky few who actually have “an escape room”, you already know that you do not have that luxery when you are traveling. SnorEraser Pro solves the problem of snoring noise ruining your sleep, your vacation, your fun!
With the most advanced anti snoring noise technology on earth!