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If you are among of the millions kept awake every night by a partner's snoring, SnorEraser® could be the solution you have been waiting for.

How to stop snoring naturally

Put a stop to sleep deprivation with SnorEraser®

Now you can enjoy the benefit of our years of research into sound masking.

Simply play through earbuds using your MP3 player or smartphone!

If you are kept awake by your partner's snoring, you have probably tried everything to try to get a good night's sleep...

  • Perhaps you have discovered that even the best earplugs only remove about 20% of the sound of snoring
  • Or you may have invested in expensive noise-cancelling headphones, only to discover that they too are almost totally ineffective.

That's because only part of the snoring sound reaches your inner ear through the air via your ear canal. The rest is actually conducted through a process called "bone conduction" and ear plugs cannot cut out that sound.

And even the most advanced active noise cancellation technology cannot predict the stop-start pattern of snoring (which is what actually wakes you up). That's why it can't stop you hearing the sound.

"The truth is, nothing can block or cancel out the sound of snoring!"

Through many years of research and development, we discovered the only solution that is proven to prevent you from hearing any snoring noise. In fact, it works so well, it is 100% guaranteed to work - even when you are sleeping just inches away from someone snoring loud.

Our Breakthrough:
The only way to prevent you from being disturbed by snoring noise is to mask the sound, tricking your brain into not noticing the snoring. It works very much like the way camouflage makes it impossible to perceive an object visually.

After years of experiments with a massive​ range of sounds, we discovered the most effective masking pattern was actually a composite waveform made up of real human snoring sounds.

"Amazingly, this masking technology proved so effective that it even
works at 
very low volume levels - perfect for aiding natural, peaceful sleep!"

Further experimentation into snoring patterns revealed that practically all snoring fit into just three types - so we developed three different masking audio files to cover everyone's situation.

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SnorEraser is a range of MP3 audio files, which you can download now and play immediately with any MP3 player or smartphone - guaranteeing you zero snoring noise interruption!

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SnorEraser is already enjoyed by thousands of happy customers all around the world.​

I wanted to get back to you to let you know what a life saver your SnorEraser has been for me.

My husband and I are sharing the same bed again after six years of sleeping in separate rooms. All because I found your website.

Maryann D.

Hello from Italy, I am finding many use for your snoreraser and it make me sleep much better now too.

I want you know that I think you help many people like me for snoring. Thank you so much.

Maria C. (Italy)

Hi again, Just writing to let you know that I tried the snoreraser last night and it worked even better than I expected it would. Thank you again....

I am going to recommend your product to my patients.

Ron Pollack M.D. Ventura, Ca.

This product has so far been a huge blessing for me and my girlfriend.

What a wonderful idea which works! Thank you!!!!

John L.

I have been using snoreraser for about a week now and I am happy to report that I am convinced that my problem is now solved.

Around two years have passed since I started looking for ways to block my fiancee's snoring. You have my recommendation on a great product!

Anthony V.

I must say that I was skeptical, I really thought Snoreraser was just another white noise product like the ones I’ve tried before. I have been very pleased with how well it works though.

I only wish that I would have tried SnorEraser first, it would saved me a lot of headaches literally.

Paul B.

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Save 25%! Now you can get the complete SnorEraser package for just $29
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